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What Do People Need When They Run at Night

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Nowadays, people pay more attention to health and most of them go running every day to keep fit. However, they are so busy with their work in the day, so they have to run at night. Before they start to run, they prepare a set of outfit for themselves, including running shoes, sportswear, even passometers. But they forgot the most important thing --- safety vest.

Why the safety vest is the most important´╝čBecause visibility will be reduced in the dark, and when people are running along the street, drivers can hardly notice them. If people were dressed in safety vest, drivers would notice them more easily, for reflective tapes of vests can draw the attention of drivers’ by reflecting bright light.

There used to be a test to prove the importance of safety vests. Two people walked side by side in the dark, one in safety vest while the other not, and a driver followed them. When they were 200 meters apart, the man who is not dressed in safety vest could hardly be seen while the reflecting light could clearly see the man who is dressed in safety vest.

People should pay more attention to the safety, rather than those outfits, which can only make you look cooler. Safety is the foundation of health. If you still have no safety vest, it is time to take action. The only thing you need to do is to visit the website of Chinastars Chinastars is a professional manufacture which produces high quality reflective material and safety vests.

reflective vest for night running

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