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Traffic policewomen with reflective jacket in Jilin province

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Traffic police stand guard on duty is a common thing, but if a dozen unified beautiful young energetic ladies in reflective clothing are standing in the street swing arm guiding traffic, that is an attractive view.

After the New Year's Day vacation first day, Jilin’s citizens found, in the morning and evening rush hour, appeared a group of young ladies. They wear fluorescent yellow reflective jacket, their traffic guidance has become beautiful scenery in Jilin. It is understood that this is the first women's traffic police team in Jilin; the whole team contain 11 people, with an average age of only 25 years old.

Despite the cold weather, these ladies are still on duty, accompanied by their gestures, pedestrians and vehicles pass through the intersection orderly. They call on people should pay more attention to traffic safety, especially the drivers and cyclist should equip with security products in reflective material, which make you more visible and more security.

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