Traffic police wearing a new reflective vest on duty

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In Hangzhou crossroads, wearing a fluorescent yellow new reflective raincoat traffic police attracted a lot of passers-by's eyes.

Traffic police captain said that the original reflective vest only has the reflective tapes on the front and the back, can not play a full protection for the traffic police. If there are not reflective tapes for the clothing in the side, it will bring the risk to the traffic police when they command traffic. At the same time, the city traffic flow is heavy, every year there are a number of on duty traffic police were injured by the vehicle. It is really an important concern to every one of us.

In order to protect the safety of the traffic police, traffic police brigade customized a new reflective raincoat and rain pants for traffic police, the style is suited to the Spring and Autumn, the fluorescent yellow is very bright, so that traffic police can easily to be noticed, the insert material is mesh, it is Breathable. These new reflective jackets give a better protection to the on duty traffic police.

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