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Tips for road running safety

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Running has been very popular for years. Because it is simple to exercise, no need professional training. But this kind road running can always cause unexpected traffic accidents. Follow the road running safety tips, such as wearing high visibility clothing, leaving the headphones etc will be necessary. Here are some running safety tips for reference.

Firstly, we should equip us with a reflective safety vest. By wearing it, the car drivers, cyclist, bus drivers or other runners can actually see you especially at the dark night. This functional vest can increase high visibility with its fluorescent fabric and surrounding reflective tapes. Secondly, don’t wear headphone to listen to music.  If someone send a warning sound, then you are more likely not to hear that by wearing a headphone. It is very dangerous! Thirdly, obey the traffic rules strictly and focus on running. Face oncoming traffic, so you can clearly see the cars and quickly react to them if they approach.

These are just simple tips which runners should obey. Apart from these tips, we can also wear a reflective armband. This can also help to increase the high visibility which can make you easier be seen and avoid accidents.

road runner with safety vest


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