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The development of reflective materials

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In 1950, Dr. Dong Qifang, a Chinese American scientist, developed a directional glass bead, and then developed a series of reflective materials such as reflective clothing. After nearly 70 years of development, the reflective materials have been widely used in various fields, such as safety clothing, transportation (Guidepost), etc.

In a small town of Augusta, there is a very special house, which roof is made of reflective material. His owner, called Daniel, said he could effectively reflect the hot sun back in the summer and keep the temperature in the house. In addition to use the reflective material, he also placed a good heat - insulated sponge in the middle of the roof to prevent the convection between the warm and cold air inside and outside the room. In order to keep the house warm, Daniel has planted a lot of plants around the house, so that they can help the house to cool down effectively in the summer, and in winter it can block the erosion of the cold air.

This is a great attempt. The use of reflective materials in the field of architecture can greatly reduce energy consumption, reduce the emissions of sulphides, and make our planet more beautiful.

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