The best reflective item for night running

[ Click:2437 ]    [ by Coco Lin, CHINASTARS  May 23, 2018 ]

In nowadays, people are busy for work in daytime, most of them will choose the nighttime for exercise. If you also like running, walking, cycling or doing any other exercise at night, the most important safety rule is to be seen. To make sure oncoming traffic can spot you, it is best to wear a safety vest or take some reflective accessories to keep you visible.

So which item you think it is the best reflective item for night exercise? There are some advices for your reference:

1. Reflective vest: As we all know, reflective vest is the most normal clothing for enhancing visibility. It made by high visibility fluorescent fabric and reflective tapes, reflective tape can reflect the light from 300 meters away.

2. Reflective armbands: If you feel the reflective vest is not so cool, then you can try the reflective armbands. It can be used on the hand and arms; it is very convenience, light-weighted and cool.

3. Reflective clothing: There are some new designs of the outdoor clothing. Some sporty clothing is made by reflective printing fabric, it become a trends because the reflective clothing is fashion and comfortable.

Look for items that offer 360-degree visibility, which means that you can be seen from all angles. All is for your safety, be seen be safer.

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