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Stay Safe and Warm with High Vis Bomber Jackets

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High vis bomber jackets provide the protection outdoor workers need to stay safe on the job. Class-three rated high vis jackets with reflective tape offer a level of visibility deemed appropriate by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for protecting high-risk workers in various industries. From utility workers to construction personnel, these jackets are equipped to keep even heavily focused workers out of harm way.

Reflective bomber jackets keep outdoor workers safe and warm in all kinds of weather. Fleece-lined for warmth, this high-visibility outerwear category also provides flexibility amid changing conditions. A removable inner layer enables wearers to adapt to warmer temperatures or decrease bulk as needed - an important consideration for those who spend eight-plus hours in the sun, wind, rain and cold. Our high vis bomber jackets also sport concealed hoods to prevent heat loss where it occurs most often.

Safety and warmth are essential, but these safety jackets made by reflective fabric also offer convenient features like multiple pockets for stashing supplies and other essentials. A chest badge pocket identifies the wearer while keeping his or her ID dry, whether at the construction site or on duty as part of a road crew. Many outdoor workers need to keep the lines of communication open, and staying in touch is easy with a handy front cell phone or radio pocket.

Hi vis bomber jackets with reflective material are the perfect choice for those who work the most demanding, dangerous jobs.

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