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Sanitation workers in safety vest as hero

[ Click : 3025 ] [ By Taylor ]

    Could you guess who will be the hero in the eyes of children. Maybe it's Ultraman who can beat the monsters, maybe it's Harry Potter who has magic, or maybe it's Baymax who is gentle and kind-hearted. But in Quincy's heart, the two sanitation workers who wear clothing with reflective fabric to clean the street are his hero.

    You can see a photo below. Two handsome sanitation workers are smiling in the picture. One is wearing a reflective T-shirt, another is wearing rubber gloves. Comparing to them, Quincy was too excited to cry when he was taking photo. Little Quincy's mother said, Quincy is eagle to meet the two sanitation workers for a long time. His dream was realized finally.

    I think labor is glorious, and jobs make all equal! The sanitation workers wear safety vest to do the cleaning everyday to keep our city brand-new. They deserve to be respected and be the hero by all the society.

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