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Running freely with safety clothing

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The fast pace life makes people have less time to exercise thus more and more people choose night running exercise. Night run can not only help people keep health but also it is a good way to release pressure. Besides, it is very easy to achieve it; you can start running to exercise at any time in any place with simple safety clothing and a pair of sport shoes. How to ensure the safety has become a concerned topic among the night runners.

Here I have a few suggestions as follows:

  1. Night running equipment must be eye-catching, if there is no reflective tape on the clothes or shoes, then wear a reflective safety vest.
  2. It is easy to get lost running at night. So it is better to run once during the day and remember the running route or make a mark when necessary.
  3. Night running should obey the traffic rules and do NOT run the red light. Make sure safety at an intersection before you cross the road.
  4. To correct the running posture and try to lift each step higher than usual.
  5. Running together so that can take care of each other in case of emergency. Besides, it’s often more fun than running alone, especially if you're doing a long run.

In a word, it is good to do night running exercise, at the same time, we should keep the safety awareness in mind. Obeying the traffic rule is necessary but don't forget to wear a high visibility clothing too.

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