Riding safer with reflective vest

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Nowadays with the growth awareness of environmental protection, more and more cycling enthusiasts organize kinds of riding activities to advocate the idea of Low-Carbon Travel, Healthy living. This kind of riding has got wide support and they have already become flowing scenery in the city with uniform reflective vests and eye-catching advertising banner.

It's worth mentioning that more and more children are involved in this kind of public activities. But as we all know, bicycle is in an absolutely vulnerable on the highway, comparing with car. Frequent occurrence of traffic accident constantly reminds us to attach great importance to safety issues when riding. In addition to obey the traffic rules also it is necessary to adopt various safety measures, such as wearing safety helmet, high visibility safety clothing, and reflective armband and so on. Safety helmet can protect your head from injury and safety clothing has an excellent retro reflective coefficient and has obvious warning effect which can make the cyclists been seen far away by drivers. In this way, drivers can prepare in advance and avoid road accident, especially driving at night.

Reflective material has been widely used and played an important role in the field of outdoor sports now. Excepting wearing safety clothing when riding, you can also sew reflective tapes on the clothes, backpack or stick the reflective film on the bicycle. Been seen, been safer.

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