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Reflective vests, to ensure the safety of employees

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Recently, a power company purchased some vests by reflective fabric for their workers, distributed to departments and teams, and also issued a notice requirement of wearing reflective vests. In the entrance to the factory, there is a working dress diagram and self inspection mirror. All persons required to wear safety helmet and reflective vest when entering the scene. The orange wavelength of the reflective vest is second only to red, so orange has high visibility, in industry safety color, orange is a warning color, it is easy to be found and can improve the safety and security of workers.

It seems a small thing for the factory to issue reflective vests for their workers, but the factory believes that employee’s security is a serious event; they really remember to put it into action. The company adhere to the people-oriented concept of "safety first, prevention, comprehensive management of production safety policy" to seriously implement the actual work, provides safety protection equipment comprehensive for front-line workers (etc. safety vest, reflective tape and reflective clothing), and to create a good atmosphere in the work.

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