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Reflective vest enhance safety of school students

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  With the rapid increase of private cars in recent years, the safety problem of primary and middle school students has attracted great attention from all sectors of society. So how to nip in the bud, to provide children a more secure, healthy growth space, is a new topic often said chang. Reflective vest is indispensable.

  The ministry of public security and the ministry of education specially advocate parents and guardians that to purchase reflective bags, clothes. Glance for now, students wearing school uniform, carrying a reflective bag is still very rare. It is not the parents did not attach enough importance to children's traffic safety, but have difficulty in implementation. Parents is hard to make decision of school uniforms; But it is easier to find other clothing shoes and hats with reflective fabric on the market.

  Alleged reflective products production is not complicated, it is simply to put reflective material in ordinary clothes, bag, shoes. Moreover it will be easier to alarm the drivers when they are in a poor light. That’s why we Chinstars highly suggest students wearing with reflective material and be safe all the time.

reflective vest

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