Reflective school uniform keep student safe

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 Parents, students and head teachers are becoming ever more discriminating when it comes to school uniform. Whether the brief is for a relaxed look or more formal school wear, one thing is for sure, kids need garments that can avoid danger when they are on the road everyday go to school or go home after school.    

On average, a child pedestrian is killed every fourteen days in China. And twenty children are seriously injured in traffic accident each week. School uniforms with high visibility material and reflective strip is very important, Hangzhou Chinastars supplied reflective fabric direct to school uniform factory. Our company has a duty of care to ensure children safety on their way to and from school. High visibility and retro reflective material that comply with relevant EN20471 standards will be a good choice to ensure that.   

All schools uniform and their requirements are unique, that’s why we offer flexible options of supply with competitive pricing structures. Choose from one of our established supply structures or customize a structure to suit your own school.

We hope every child can have a happy and safety way when they go to school, if you are interested in our reflective fabric. Feel free to contact our sales and get more information.

reflective school uniform


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