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Reflective materials introduction for uniforms

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The reflective material is a high-tech product that is widely used onto safety uniforms such as vest, shirt, jacket, pant even cap etc. It can reflect direct light back to distant light, whether it is day or night, with good retroreflective performance. The emergence of reflective materials has successfully solved the problem of "seeing" and "being seen" driving night.

Now there are mainly two kinds of reflective materials for workwear. One is sewn on reflective tape the other is heat transfer reflective tape. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Such as , for the heat transfer reflective tape, different backing fabric requires different heat transfer tape and if you have chosen the correct one, then it is hard to apply onto the backing fabric or the washing cycles is not very good. However the sewn on reflective tape will not have this kind problem, you can sew it onto any kind backing fabric. Also it has strict operation method for the heat transfer type and if the operation method is not right, then the washing cycles will also not very good too. But heat transfer type looks much nice and beautiful than sewn on type.

Chinastars is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of reflective materials and our salesman will give you best suggestions and service to you whether you choose sewn on or heat transfer reflective tape. Any interesting, kindly please contact us to get more, thank you!

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