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Reflective materials become amulet for employees

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What kind of clothes do employees wear on the way to work? This issue seems to have nothing to do with the company, and traffic police. However, in Taizhou, there is a new trend of “fashion safety”. Many companies encourage employees who come to work by electric vehicles to wear reflective vests, or use reflective materials on factory clothing to add a "amulet" for their employees.

Amulet means that after wearing this kind vest with reflective tape, it will increase people's high visibility at night. In this way, when people walk or ride on the road, drivers passing by will see them clearly. As we all know, many traffic accidents happen because of the low visibility and when drivers find it but it is too late. So more and more big companies have realized the importance of wearing garments with any reflective elements. Some will directly do an annual purchasing volume of ready-made garments, ie, reflective safety vests, and give it to their staffs as company's benefits ; some will also purchase some raw reflective materials such as the reflective tapes or adhesive reflective tapes or reflective armband etc.

Indeed it has a very good result. According to some companies' data, after using these reflective strips, the traffic accidents have dropped much.

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