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Reflective elements using in daily clothing

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Car accident happens more frequently at night or in bad weather. Wearing clothing that has reflective elements, either reflective tape or an actual safety vest, can prevent this tragedy, making difference between life and death.

As we all know, it is difficult for drivers to recognize the surrounding and see the passing by pedestrians clearly at night or in bad weather, especially when pedestrian wear a dark clothing. Reflective clothing is visible hundreds of feet away, giving a car driver enough time to maneuver safely and avoid hitting the pedestrian. What's more, it is glad to know now more and more people have known the importance of the reflective material has played on the clothing. At the 119th canton fair, we found that many purchasers are very much interested at the reflective material especially which can be applied on the outdoor clothing or casual clothing. On the one hand, it is very fashion and cool, on the other hand, it can enhance people's high visibility at night or in the bad weather and make them safer.

So for our own safety, we need equip ourselves with a reflective safety vest when walking out at night or running , cycling etc.

reflective vest

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