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Raise awareness of road safety from youth

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The increasing traffic accident cause great concern to the general public. How to raise the awareness of road safety among the next generation becomes a prior task. Therefore, it's necessary to teach children about the importance of road safety from a young age by obeying traffic rules, wearing safety vest or any clothing with reflective tape etc

More and more schools has been educating children the safety awareness between the ages of three and seven years old. As you can see, nowadays many infant schools equip every one of their children with a high visibility vest for future school excursions and local trips. Fluorescent orange or yellow safety vest is the most common color. And these vests will go a long way to instilling this safety issues in the minds of children. What’s more children are really excited to try on the vests for the first time, which will also help to explain how we intend to use them and most importantly why.

This measure has a significant influence by making the reflective safety clothing for child to wear. Hope more and more schools will take this measure to help establishing safety awareness from young.

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