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Rainy day with reflective raincoat

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Reflective raincoat, as its name suggests, is a reflective protection for one of the rainproof clothing. So how can it achieve the function of rain protection and reflection?

First of all, the fabric of the raincoat has two categories: high-density fabric and coating fabric. The high-density fabric is usually woven by fine chemical yarn, the density is very high, and the chemical fiber yarn itself does not absorb water, resulting in highly dense and impermeable. If you want to make the raincoat safer, you can add the reflective tape on the basis of the original raincoat, reflective tape can reflect the light so that drivers on the road can timely to find the pedestrians that who are wearing reflective raincoats. Of course, this water resistance is limited to small and medium rainfall for a short period of time, at this point, we need to use another fabric: coated fabric.

Accurately speaking, coated fabric is a fabric which with the special process. It uses solvent or water to evenly coat the needed coating particles of the fabric and then, through the fixing of the temperature in the oven, form a layer of covering rubber material on the surface of the fabric, so as to achieve waterproof, windproof, breathable and other functions. The coated fabric generally gets higher in split yarn.

And if you want a reflective raincoat both have a rainproof and protective function in rainy days, and also can bear a long heavy rain environment, then you can use other reflective materials, such as reflective coating.

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