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President Xi got a reflective jacket from the Boeing Company

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Premier Xi Jinping visited the Boeing plant which is located in Everett on 23rd September and made a brief speech, pointed out that it has great prospects for the cooperation between China and Boeing. Meanwhile, Xi Jinping got two gifts from the Boeing Company, one is a 747 sponson sash the other is a fluorescent reflective jacket.

Traffic safety is a very popular topic among the general public. This move just illustrates the important of wearing a reflective clothing, especially for people who need work outside. Years before, the safety clothing is just for professional use, such as the police, firemen etc. Recently, more and more industries such as Airport Company, Courier Company, and Construction Company etc have started to equip their workers with safety clothing. Safety clothing is basically made of a fluorescent fabric and a reflective tape. The fluorescent color can help increase the high visibility at daytime than other darker color clothing and at night, when light shines on to the safety clothing, it can reflect the light, thus giving a warning signal to the driver.

Although some persons have realized the importance of the reflective safety vest, but they are still don’t like to wear it because of its design, color etc. But safety is above all, right? Let's wear it.

reflective jacket

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