Night Riding is a very pleasant thing

[ Click:2334 ]    [ by Coco, CHINASTARS  Apr 1, 2016 ]

  The so-called "Night Rider" is a group of wearing reflective clothing and reflective hat distinctive ride people. Their unique shape bicycle, paste the reflective tape and reflective engraved words, they are all professional equipment, changing the formation when riding, enjoy the fun of riding.

  Night riding pleasure is on the road. Night riding has a lot of benefits, can exercise, you can enjoy the scenery along the way, you can also make friends with the same hobby. Students Xiao Ming said, the real fun night ride is on the road, He gains the spirit of collaboration between teams in the process. Riding friends formed a flowing team, only with mutual cooperation, can make a variety of formations. I feel like bike riding bring wonderful feeling in the movement. Xiao Ming regularly participate in night bike riding, he bought a special riding reflective vest, and safety helmet labeled silver reflective tape. Each ride is a precious memory, he said.

  Night bike riding is set off a new trend of urban life. Often sitting in the office people can also buy a reflective vest, ride a bike, may also enjoy the fun of the night ride while exercise.

safety vest


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