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New safety clothing for traffic police

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  Yesterday afternoon, in the city traffic police detachment of the hall, a civilian police to say after his clothes model, took a glance from a worker in a reflective safety clothing to wear on the body, after tried the new clothes again.

    This is our city traffic police department to "work" the new duty, the apparel with perfect green, special color bright dazzling, Chest and the back with reflective heat transfer film, carve in word "police", sleeves on both sides are sewed with grey reflective tape, whole clothing with high quality fabric and with nice design. This kind of clothes will be used in Jinan, Chongqing and other main city's traffic police's uniform.

The new uniform has a stronger visual impact effect, both protect the personal safety of police when on duty, and can play the role of rainwear in rain and snow weather.

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