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New reflective safety jacket for runners

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A new design reflective jacket is now highly welcomed by customers especial among the outdoor enthusiasts. As this design safety jacket is whole reflective. Therefore it is much high visibility at night, what’s more it looks very cool too.

This kind reflective jacket is made of soft reflective fabric. It is different from the standard sew on reflective fabric. It is much softer and breathable. And it is also waterproof and lightweight. By wearing it, you don’t have to worry about that the drivers cannot see you clearly at night or when the weather is bad. Because of its high visibility, the passing by drivers can see you clearly far away from 300 meters away. That is why more and more night runners or cyclists start to buy this kind reflective jacket and wear it when they are out for exercising. Some even wear a reflective wristband too.

Before this design safety jacket only have one color, such as grey or silver color. Because there are only grey or silver reflective fabric. With the color reflective fabric showing up, I guess, there will be more and more beautiful and cool designs too. People will have more to chose from. How nice!

reflective jacket



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