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On March.27 new products meeting was held in chinastars office which located in hangzhou new CBD, jianggan district.
During the meeting, technical department shows  new shinning reflective fabric which can be used on out shell of the garment, this reflective cloth's color will be changed in different in angles, it looked colorful and brightness,  the new products means hangzhou chinastars takes one new step in reflective fabric for outdoor area.
Except the shinning reflective fabric, engineers from outdoor department also shows some reflective segmented heat transfer film much more breathful while heat applied on high visibility safety T-shirt. We have more than 10 styles for segmented heat transfer film, some of them can pass EN ISO 20471 standard and ANSI standard.  
At last, one new products " new contrasting trim tape on yellow color non-rated mesh fabric" and " one contrasting trip reflective tape on orange color " was attractive . The 2 new products come out from one same production line, it means when you heat applied heat transfer film on mesh fabric with the same pressure go through the hole, balance heat transfer film will drop on the 2nd fluorescent fabric, so total comes out 2 different products in one same production line.
If you want to know more about our new products , please visit our product page or consult our sales for more detail.

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