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New Running Safety Vest

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Recently outdoor running has been more and more popular especial among the younger generation. You can exercise while maintaining a slim figure. Unfortunately some runners cannot realize the importance of safety and traffic accidents happen from time to time. Therefore wearing a running safety vest must be necessary.

Actually, now more and more runners, cyclist, pedestrians have already realized the importance of wearing a reflective safety clothing when exercising. Therefore, you can always see that many runners or cyclist wearing a reflective belt or reflective armband, or a reflective vest. You might think it is unnecessary. But when the sun goes down and night falls, the advantage of wearing a reflective safety clothing will be obvious. When the light shines over on the reflective clothing, the reflective tapes on the clothing will reflect the light. Thus, it giving a warning signal to the drivers, so drivers will know there is somebody there, be careful and must slow down. So it can avoid traffic accident efficiently.

That’s why more and more countries have issued laws to let people wear reflective clothing while cycling, running etc. In China, now we haven’t issued a similar law to make it into mandatory, but why now wearing it too. It is really helpful.

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