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New Reflective Vest for Dogs

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According to statistics, the car around, the road that needs to cross and the garden that has many exits, are the danger zones that the dog people need to pay special attention to when walking the dog. On the one hand the love dandle generally don’t have a strong safety consciousness and usually runs into heavy traffic or dark aero etc On the other hand the driver is hard to see their small figure in a remote place especially at night. As a result, there are more and more dog traffic accidents. A reflective vest for dog is necessary.

Now the dog reflective vests are mostly made of fluorescent fabric with reflective tapes in the market. Chinastars has developed a new design, ie, whole reflective vest, yep, it is made of reflective fabric and is high welcomed by the dog owners. As we all know, now most people usually walk their dogs after work, and it usually becomes dark especially in winter. A whole reflective vest will increase much high visibility and by wearing it , drivers can easily find the dogs in time. In this way, it decrease the dog traffic accidents much.

Our design team will develop more and more new designs of safety clothing to meet different customers’ demand and make our safety wear not only has safety function but also looks beautiful.

dog safety vest

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