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Nanjing urban management department add reflective material to isolation pile

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The color of the isolation pile on the road and the color of pavement tile are very close; it's easy to mislead the pedestrians. This situation causes road accidents because pedestrians can't clearly in the evening. Nanjing urban management bureau issued a public announcement; they    put on "reflective clothing" on 1630 isolation pile.

According to local report, to prevent vehicles from entering the non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, the urban management department the non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks all installed the isolation pile. Some electric car owners said the isolation pile is dark blue which is  very close color to sidewalks floor, when evening coming it’s hard to see clearly. So the department decided to add reflective material to those pile, one of the best and low cost choice is reflective tape.

The isolation pile with reflective tape can warning citizens. This reflective tape can be seen far away, which can keep at least 3 to 5 years. So far, has been in the primary and secondary trunk road paste 1630 reflective film. Next, will complete isolation column reflective processing the whole all cover. Hope the isolation column is no longer a "stumbling block" in the night.

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