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Let reflective clothing protect our children

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In April Hangzhou, rainy day always cause frequently road accidents. The travel traffic safety of the students related to millions of families. But now there are more and more vehicles on the street, child walking in this rainy day are not safe. What can parents do to protect children’s safety in the way to school or going home?

 Currently, government and traffic police hold a Student Road Safety activities, which aim at enhance children’s secure on the way to school. “We have children safety vest  and reflective raincoat sent five primary schools, wear reflective clothing, children walking to school in a particularly conspicuous way, "said a participant. Student Road Safety activities of public assistance, the early warning function, indicating a bit of reflection, so that more of vehicles, non-motor vehicle driver noticed the school, school pupils how to ensure the safety of pupils traveling to reduce traffic dangers, let the children go to school happily and safe.
  With reflective clothing they are good regardless of the day or night. Especially at night, they can play the same day the high visibility. Using this reflective material, if the user is in a remote location, or in the case of light or scattered light interference, can be relatively easily found the driver at night.children safety clothing

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