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How to store and maintain reflective raincoats

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As the application of reflective fabric is becoming more and more extensive, the appearance of reflective materials can be seen in many places and applications, especially in the clothing industry. Over the past two years, more and more clothing has a series of reflective decoration. Today we take the reflective raincoat as an example to tell you how to store and maintain in detail.

1. The raincoat or the ordinary raincoat can not burst in the sun.

2. Do not wash with water or detergent

3. Once you don't wear it, you'd better wipe it with a dry towel and hang it in the shade and dry it in the shade.

4. When collecting the reflective raincoat, you can hang up with the hanger or fold up the white paper in the inter layer and fold it up with a OPP bag,

5. If there is a slight wrinkle on the raincoat, hang it on the hanger so that it can be naturally restored and leveled. If the wrinkles are tight, the raincoat can be soaked in hot water around 70℃ for 2 minutes. After taking out, put the flat on the plate, and then dry the water track. You can restore the flat, and don't pull it hard.

reflective raincoat

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