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How to ensure safety when you have trouble on the road

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People always get into a situation of embarrassment when their car has trouble on the road. But if you drive a car on the highway, need to temporarily shut down for maintenance due to failure, how should we do?

First turn right turn signal in advance to leave the carriageway, or parked in the emergency strip on the right shoulder of the road, but need to notice parking in the driveway is prohibited, at the same time should turn on the trouble light, put away reflective warning signs in the rear of 150 meters.

Remember to park in the tunnel and use wire rope to drag to the service area by yourself is unauthorized. If you find you drive the wrong way in the tunnel, you should continue to drive and leave away from the tunnel as far as possible, don't stop in the tunnel. If your car has in trouble and cannot move anymore, the correct processing method is asking Highway Administration, maintenance company or patrol police for help. If your car is in case of failure at night, turn on the trouble light immediately, and you should also put the reflective warning signs in the rear of 150 meters. While the driver and other persons wait in the fence on the right, they should wear reflective vests.

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