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How to distinguish between fluorescent materials and reflective materials

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With the progress of science and technology, more and more researches have been done on reflective materials and fluorescent materials, and the application of these materials are becoming more and more extensive. So how do we distinguish between fluorescent materials and reflective materials?

The reflective material can reflect the light irradiated on its surface quickly. Different materials reflect different wavelengths of light. The color of the reflected light depends on what wavelength the material absorbs and what wavelength is reflected, so the light must be illuminated on the surface of the material, and then the light can be reflected, such as a variety of license plates, traffic signs, etc.

When a fluorescent material absorbs a certain wavelength of light, it immediately sends out the light of different wavelengths, called fluorescence, and when the incident light disappears, the fluorescent material will immediately stop emitting light. More specifically, fluorescence refers to some very bright color light seen in the eye, such as green, orange, and yellow. People often call them neon light.

Popularly speaking, fluorescent materials can make you feel particularly eye-catching, but the brightness is not strong. Because it just changed some of the light that the naked eye cannot see into the naked eye so that it will be more eye-catching. But they are all near colors of the basic colors of fluorescent materials, and the reflective material is reflected back after whatever light you irradiate. For example, the signs on the road with reflective heat sticker are blue, and some cars have yellow lights and others have white, but the driver or the passenger has seen all blue signs.

Nowadays, reflective materials have been widely used in traffic signs, road traffic safety facilities, vehicle signs, and indication signs. It has played an important role in avoiding accidents, reducing casualties, and effectively enhancing human recognition ability, seeing targets clearly and causing alertness. Hangzhou Chinastars reflective material Limited provides you with high-quality reflective materials, such as reflective tape, reflective heat transfer vinyl, reflective ribbon, and reflective fabric, etc.

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