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Hangzhou parking toll menber get new safety vest

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These two days, if you go to the city of Hangzhou on Lake Street public parking spaces, you will found the parking management members wearing a kind of special clothing. And this clothing will be an important sign of recognition of paid on-street parking.
 In order to better highlight the car park at the lakeside image identification payment, parking by the lake Services ordered a series of special vest: a safety vest print "Paid parking" on the front and "parking toll" on the back.
 These special reflective vest, which allows owners to identify at a glance the administrator on-street parking, try to avoid being deceived by other informal toll, but also to improve the image of the cleaning tolls, filling in the lakefront. The new design of  vest has reflective strip that increased safety in case of bad weather during the night when the light can be a significant problem for greatly improving the safety factor of the road toll transactions.

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