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Firefighters with FR reflective tape and Parrots

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 Whenever hearing the call for help at the fire, the firefighters who wear clothes with FR reflective tape always rush to the front. However, recently in Canyon County, Idaho, the firefighters received the call for help from two parrots.

   A house was on fire in Canyon County, Idaho. After receiving the alarming call, the firefighters quickly put on the reflective uniform and rushed to the fire scene. They heard the sound "help" and "fire", but after researching for a long time they still hadn't found the trapped person. Finally, they found that the call for help was from two parrots by using high-performance thermal imaging equipment.

   Fortunately, the fire didn't cause any injury. After being rescued, the two parrots enjoyed the same treatment as human---wearing the oxygen mask to absorb the oxygen. It's a little funny about the end of this story. But let's still show our respect to the firefighters wearing reflective safety clothing to protect our lives.

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