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Beautiful and fashionable reflective clothing

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With the rapid development of the economy, people are becoming more and more demanding in dress, and their opinions on fashion are different. Reflective clothing gradually accepted by more and more people, they are more willing to wearing shiny reflective clothing, and the first it is beautiful and fashionable, the second is also increase their visibility.

Now more and more clothing is printed for a better look, the reflective print is also used widely. Reflective printing in the reflective part is by using the principle of the high refractive index glass beads regression reflection, through focusing post-processing is made of advanced technology. It can direct the light reflected back to shine from afar, having a good back reflection optical performance no matter in the day or night. Especially at night, can play as well as in the daytime high visibility.

Using the high visibility reflective safety clothing, short sleeves, clothing made of printing, whether the wearer is in the distant place, or in a light or scattering light interference, can more easily be night drivers found. The emergence of the reflective material successfully solved the difficult problem at night.

reflective clothing

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