Baotou air port use new reflective clothing to keep staff safety


Baotou Airport in order to further strengthen the safety of labor management, specifically purchase new safety vests for airport staff, to ensure the staffs’ safety at night and in bad weather conditions.

The reflective vests for airport staff will be divided into multiple batches, the first batch issued to staffs on Dec. 2015, requiring issued to each crew of the workshop before Dec. 18, and other workshops will gradually be allotted in the next stage.

This segment is issued in order to effectively play the advantage of reflective clothing at night and inclement weather conditions, the reflective tape on it can reflect light in dark condition. They asked the crew must wear safety vests or jacket from receiving them, the workshop must be prepared to protect the personal safety of the crew and the intention of its use, Carried out publicity at the main workplace, and check the work wear and use of the staff, to make sure each crew are in safety clothing and equipment consciously.

safety vest

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