A tragic accident in Qingming Festival

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April 4th is a traditional Chinese festival; it is one of the most important holidays of family worship in China. Chinese people have three holidays of this Qingming Festival. For the three days, the high-speed access will be free, so there are many people go home worship or travel self-driving.

The first day of the festival, there occurred a tragic accident at Shanghai-Chengdu highway. This accident cause 56 car broken, 21 people were trapped. Firefighters and police wear reflective safety clothing immediately use the professional equipment to start the rescue when they arrived at the scene. Known accident caused five people were injured, two people on a minibus killed and injured have been sent to hospital for treatment. In this environment, you should also wear a safety vest, that can help you to be found much more easier.

    Here we suggest everyone to put more attention to road safety, obey the traffic rules, not speeding, sometime a tiny reflective tape can help you away from car accident.

reflective vest


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