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A must on sewing reflective tapes into school uniforms

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  A school uniform is an outfit, maybe not your favorite ones, but really gives students a sense of belonging to a particular school and creates an identity for the school in the community. However, since there were two college students knocked down and killed by a passing car as they walked along the road in November 2008, school uniforms was scolded by many parents for its dark.

  Most parents conclude that wearing reflective safety clothing could have prevented children's knocking down from cars while walking along the road. As all known, schools have so many stipulations about what students can and cannot wear in school; parents have to send children out in those dark uniforms that the schools saying they have to wear. As we (Chinastars reflective material Co) always say, "Be seen, be safer", sewing reflective tapes into school uniforms is the only way to ensure children will be seen on the road.

  Now many countries including China encourage schools to use reflective clothing, including high visibility strips sewn into school blazers instead of armbands which are easily to whip off by children.  Joe McMinn, PSNI Area Commander in Northern Ireland, said,"anything to increase the visibility of school children on country roads is to be encouraged. If it saves just one person from getting injured or worse, it is worth it."  He advises making wearing reflective clothing be compulsory for school uniforms. Even more, some people suggest making the use of reflective tape a "must" for school uniforms, better written in law if necessary.

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