College Entrance Examination in China


Each year June 07 to June 09 is the “College Entrance Examination” in China. During the 2 and half days, thousands of student from high school will have the most importance exam in there life, after 12 years education from primary school- junior middle school- high school education, they will have a new step in there life, if you have a great scores after the exams, you will be entered in a good university in China.

And some of the students come from the poor areas will change there life though the exams, after 4 years studied in college, graduated, they can find one high salary job and improve there life in future, so everyone in China during the 3 days have to do anything to help the students.

 From the TV reports you can see all the policeman will order the traffic strictly during the days, you can see from below picture, all the policemen wear high visibility safety vest while they are on duty.

From the picture we can see fluorescent yellow color fabric is the most popular color for high visibility uniform, with reflective fabric on, which can enhance your safety when you are on the road or in dark area. In China, the most color you see from the police is fluorescent yellow.

During the date for “College Entrance Examination” in China, the traffic policemen will escort the students who could not get the examination school in time. They will be exit when needed and do their favor to the student and the family.

Today is first day of the exam, the way to the office, you can see lots of parents and students were wait outside of the school, so even the car or any bus could not have any loudspeaker during the driving, otherwise they will be blamed by the parents, in fact, this maybe a stupid thoughts. How did one loudspeaker will do any influence for their exams?

Anyway, wish all the students had their wishes come true after the exams.

 College Entrance Examination in China

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