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Cycling is a very meaningful sport, it can make people relaxed and to experience nature, but there are also many security risks. So reflective clothing is very necessary.The reflective tape makes rider easier to see, especially at night.

Now, the riding is growing trend in China, not only in the area highways, urban roads, but also in the rush hour, we can see a lot of people ride a mountain bike, dressed like a racing cyclist athletes. Everyone is in the pursuit of health and environmental protection life, but security cannot be ignored. Reporters interview, some riders buy mountain bike, but without safety equipment, even "naked ride"at night, and some riders ignore traffic safety, they are very dangers. Not long ago, a rider died in a car accident when he ride down the mountain. The Man like riding on weekdays , he has security and fully equipped, but last night,he had not installed nocturnal lights, reflective tape and other equipment on the vehicle.

So when we are riding at night, be sure to wear sports reflective vest, they can be eye-catching and also can avoid a lot of unnecessary accidents.

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