Why using reflective gears


Nowadays, many governments require or recommend motorcyclists and bicycle to wear a safety vest; more and more people can be seen wearing with reflective tape or other safety gears on the road. There are many reasons why you should wear safety gears when riding your motorcycle. Here are just a few reasons:

1. Increase Visibility

You’ve seen some kids riding down the street in the backwards baseball cap looking cool, but they probably wouldn’t even think about exchanging a reflective baseball cap, since no one tell them or no one buy for them. When it is in dark, someone who drives a SUV may not see the children because of the lowlight and high speed. Visibility can easily mean the difference between life and death on a motorcycle or a bike. A reflective hat will help you be seen and keep you out of the side of someone’s SUV.

2. Crash Protection

In the event that you do get in a crash, the more safety gear you have on the better. While most safety vests are thin and designed to go on over a heavy-duty riding jacket, there are some versions available on the market that offer crash protection in the form rein forced areas and pads. If you do end up sliding across the road, at least you’ll keep your skin.

3. Insurance Reductions

Wearing a safety gear can save your money! There are some insurance companies that offer reduced rates for “safe riders”. Some of these companies specify that proper riding gear is one of the criteria for qualifying for this discount. If you’re in a crash and aren’t wearing your gear, then you might have higher fees with your insurance company. By wearing a safety vest, you might be able to reduce your insurance payment.

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Why using reflective gears

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