Why reflective printing fabric becomes more and more popular


With the continuous development and progress of society, people's demand for clothing is not only limited to its warmth, comfort, and suitability but also has more ideas. The attention of fashion, practicability, and functionality of clothing has been greatly improved. As a result, much more fabrics appeared on the fabric market, the reflective printing fabric is one of them. Reflective printing fabric is a new kind of fabric material. It is made according to the principle of retro-reflection formed by glass beads with high refractive index. It can use the illumination of the car lamp and light reflected back to its light source to produce an excellent reflective effect, thus playing a warning role. Besides high visibility warning function, it is also fashionable.

In the worldwide market, the reflective printing fabric becomes more and more popular, why? There are six reasons as follows:

1. The reflective printing fabric of Chinastars adopts the unique patent coating technology, it has obvious advantages compared to other technologies:

1) Compared with the existing reflective heat transfer technology, Chinastars patent reflective coating technology has obvious advantages, such as low production cost, high production efficiency, high reflective brightness, good fastness, good hand feeling, continuous pattern, and the full width of the reflective printing fabric can reach a wider width 140cm, while the width of heat transfer printing is limited by the width of the transfer printing film and hot-ironing machine.

2) Compared with reflective silk screen printing, Chinastars patent reflective coating technology has extremely high reflective brightness and high production efficiency, while silkscreen printing is extremely easy to be blocked by reflective beads. The Reflective Printing fabric also with better washing effect advantages.

2. There are many different patterns available of Chinastars reflective printing fabric for customers to choose, such as irregular lines, eyes, dots, bone, Phoenix, anchor, flower, paw, heart, honeycomb, geometry, cross, crocodile, droplets, hexagon, triangle, and so on. So many patterns can be chosen, new patterns can also be customized according to the designer's ideas and customer’s requirement so that designers' creative inspiration can be enhanced and design a variety of more fashionable, personality, a practical combination of clothes.

3. The reflective printing fabric of Chinastars can be applied to different backing fabrics, such as polar fleece, 4-way stretchable fabric, mesh fabric, polyester fabric, solid fabric, umbrella fabric and so on. Thus, fabric users such as designers, clothing factories, bags factories, and other users have much more choice to use different reflective printing fabrics.

4. The reflective printing fabric of Chinastars has a wide application. It is suitable for all kinds of outdoor leisure clothing, fashion clothing, reflective clothing, vest, raincoat, umbrella, bags and other fields to play a role of safety protection so that the product made of reflective printing fabric is more practical, can meet the application needs of consumers to a greater extent.

5. The reflective printing fabric of Chinastars is not only novel and fashion but also can play a role in safety protection because of its high visibility.

The product has outstanding reflective effect at night, add additional security protection for wearers. For people traveling at night, as well as various night jobs, through the principle of retroreflection, the light is reflected back to drivers driving at night, so that they have enough reflection time, thus protecting traveler and night jobs workers safety and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

6. Chinastars reflective printing fabric has excellent washability, which can enhance the service life of the fabric. It is not only fashionable but also durable. There is no doubt that it will be more favored by consumers.

It is a new reflective fabric not only functional but also fashionable. Therefore, Chinastars reflective printing fabric becomes more and more popular and will be used in life more and more widely.

Why reflective printing fabric becomes more and more popular

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