Why reflective clothing is important for cyclists


Reflective clothing is important for cyclists because is the way to protect themselves riding in cities or on the road. One of the biggest problems that cyclists face is being "invisible" to the driver's eye, particularly at night. Though you are four times more likely to be hit whilst cycling at night that does not mean that cyclists are immune to accidents in daylights. Locations such as tunnels can simulate darkness so it's important you always take the appropriate precaution.

Basically, whatever time you're out on your bike, you should always take steps to remain safe whilst cycling and the reflective clothing is important for cyclists' ad it becomes practically obligatory. When trying to decide what to wear during the day for cycling, it's best to go in a fluorescent color. These colors work best due to the way the sun's rays react and make them glow. This doesn't mean you have to fully deck yourself out in neon colors, introducing a bright yellow or green top will make you more visible.

Apart from brightly colored clothing's, you also have the option of wearing reflective clothing. This is perhaps more appropriate for night time. Reflective clothes function like a light. If a headlight, for example, is shone upon reflective clothing, it will shine it back. It practically does as it is described.

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Why reflective clothing is important for cyclists

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