Why is the price difference of reflective vest so big


A reflective vest mainly made up of fluorescent material, reflective tape or prismatic tape. The ability to reflect light depends largely on the reflective strips of clothing. These reflective strips made of glass beads can give the wearer excellent reflectors, improve visibility during the day, at night, or in dim conditions. Therefore, the reflective strip (or prismatic tape) is one of the factors affect the price of the reflective vest.

Some reflective vests on the market cost less than 5 RMB, but some cost more than 20 RMB. The quality of the reflective cloth is also clear at a glance. Poor quality reflective clothes have less reflective, and their reflective effects diminish after a few washes. Our reflective clothes do not weaken after washing dozens of time, or even a hundred times.

Then there is the fabric selection for the vest. Generally, the reflective vest is made of peach mesh or low elastic fabric. Fabric quality is also one of the factors influencing the price. The fluorescent color of the good quality fabric is full, material pledges breathable, won't feel sultry after wearing, and the fabrics of the inferior reflective vest are not only uncomfortable but also not firm.

Next is the reflective vest design aspect. You'll find that the cheaper reflective vest is, the simpler and less functional it is. And the reflective vest price is higher besides the material uses high quality, the function is also stronger, it can satisfy a lot of homework or dress need.

At last the reflective vest is certified to standards and the area of the base material used is specified. Different grades of reflective clothing have different minimum sizes, so the position, type, and width of reflective materials need to be specially designed. There are also standards for color, colorfastness, dimensional changes, waterproofing, and reflectance under different environmental conditions.

So if you're looking for a quality reflective vest, it won't be particularly cheap. Price is in 10 RMB of below, it is basic paragraph vest commonly (quality is poorer), its reflex brightness is not high, the design is simple, cannot have a very good protective effect. Price in 20 RMB or over for the universal vest, this price is relatively cost-effective. Price in 50 RMB or over, the reflex brightness of reflective vest is very high, and the function is strong.

Why is the price difference of reflective vest so big

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