Why choose reflective safety vests as workwear


Hangzhou Chinastars reflective material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in the PPE field. Safety clothing as the main products part of the PPE, it acts an important role in providing the maximum visibility protection to persons. Reflective safety vest, the most popular one of safety clothing, widely used in many workplaces as the workwear such as roadway construction workers, Utility workers, survey crews, railroad workers, school crossing guards, airport baggage handlers, law enforcement personnel, emergency response personnel and so on.

Why they choose the reflective safety vests as the workwear? What is the effect of reflective safety vests?

To manufacture one safety vest, one important part is the fabric, there are many choices of the reflective safety vest fabric, such as tricot fabric, filament fabric, American mesh, Twill fabric, birdseye mesh, Jersey fabric, Oxford fabric, etc. Another important part of the safety vest is the reflective tape or prismatic tape, the reflective tape is composed of micro-glass beads bonded to a polyester/TC/FR cotton/aramid or spandex fabric backing. Both of the reflective tape and the prismatic tape reflect the light directly to the light original source and enhance the visibility of anyone who wears it. Chinastars is the largest manufacturer of reflective materials in China and wins a high reputation in the world market.

At night, when there is light illuminating on the persons who wear the safety vest, the reflective tapes reflect eye-catching bright light, the safety vest wearers can be found easily by the car drivers or motorcyclists even the wearers are far away or under the interference of light or scattered light, then the drivers or motorcyclists have enough time to adopt action to slow down the speed or stop the car or motor to avoid accidents happen, so that we say the safety vest enhance visibility and provides protection at night or work in a dark/ low light condition. The invention of reflective materials smoothly solved the night driving problem of seeing and being seen.

Different industry adopt differently customized safety vest according to the different characteristics of the enterprise to make sure that the safety vest is suitable for the company, the safety vest suitable for its own company is the best. To customize safety vest, the companies usually take into account many factors including the style, fabric, color, function, characteristics and other factors according to different industries. Many companies adopt customized safety vest as workwear mainly to consider that the safety vest is simple, convenient, uniform dress and can play a promotional role, and the spliced reflective strips of the safety vest that will be bright and shining when light illuminate on it in dark or low light places. The safety vest suitable for staff who work outside for a long time. Therefore, the reflective safety vest is loved by the staff who work outside.

Chinastars can provide a full range of safety clothing for excellent quality and competitive price. Our products certified to meet the major international standards and have been exported to over 70 countries. If you are facing the problem to choose suitable reflective safety vest, please contact us at once, we are engaged in providing global customers with professional, stable quality and fashionable reflective products, you will be satisfied with your choice.

Why choose reflective safety vests as workwear

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