Why children need safety vests


Everyone knows June.1st is International Children's Holiday. In this day, most of the children do not need to have classes, all the schools will have some programs like dancing, singing, playing which make the children feel happy and enjoy the holiday," what a lovely day it is! Wish Everyday is Children's Holiday!” All of the children have the wishes, no homework, no classes. But after the day, they have back to class, as usual, reading, doing homework. Everyone has this period in childhood. Back to Children's safety in uniform, now more and more school will add some reflective materials on school's uniform which makes them visible when they walking on the road in night time and dark area. In China, like Shanghai, north part of China already put this idea add reflective materials on school uniform to the garment they have now, but in the southern part of China and the western part, still, need to improve in future.

In Europe. Not only for children, they will wear high visibility safety vest when they go to school, the most popular style is the one we called poncho safety vest, with 2 horizontal tapes around the body and elastic tape on the waist to adjust size, which can meet EN 1150 standard. So you can see it easily on the road, each child wears high visibility safety vest walking near the school or on the way back home. Even for the baby, who was born only for a month, they have safety vests on, we called this kids safety vest.

China stars have made kids safety vest to UK markets in past years. Very small one, but very cute. If you want to add reflective tape, reflective heat transfer vinyl or reflective heat transfer logo on children's uniform, please come back to Hangzhou China stars reflective material Co..Ltd, we can supply all kinds of reflective elements you needed.

Why children need safety vests

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