What to buy in your riding trips


As summer ramping up and students' summer vacation, many families are excited to go out and enjoy the sunshine. School is out and family trips are planned. Many families choose to go out by riding bicycles with or without safety vest. Bike riding is one of the pleasures of a nice day, of course. However, how to ride with a "safe" bike is the serious point.

Obeying the rules of the road and keeping your bikes properly is not enough, you should invest in a few extra pieces of safety gear to keep you and your families' safety. Which gear to buy? Here are some advices:

One of the most important pieces a cyclist can buy is a helmet. A helmet can protect your head, neck and throat, if any accident happened. It will be helpful for you in any situation when you ride a bicycle. There's an important thing for you to know, any helmet nearly has the same degree of protection for people that means when you're spending more money for a helmet, you're not necessarily getting a safer helmet. What more money buys you is typically a better fit, less weight, and more ventilation.

Bike bells, lights and clothing with reflective fabric also make cycling safer. The more visible a bicyclist is, the less likely he or she is to get hit by a car. Be lighten is important for riders, especially for those riding at night. When buying light, you need to check how many lumens they have. You will need to check the batteries of the light. When the lights are out of electricity, reflective clothing will ensure your visibility. So the reflective vests or other reflective clothing are significant for your riding, especially for long distance trip.

Reflective tape for bike and helmet also make a rider more visible. You can wrap them around your pant leg and keep your pants from getting caught in the chain. Because it’s on your leg that circular motion signals you as a bicyclist.

What to buy in your riding trips

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