What is the reflective material suitable for


What is reflective material suitable for? The reflective material can be used for safety vests, work suit, coat, rain gear, raincoat, sportswear, backpack, gloves, shoes, and hats, etc.

The reflective material is commonly used in our daily life. It is not only superior to the similar goods of other brands in reflecting light effect but also has wide Angle property, that is, when the light from the exterior of the reflective fabric becomes a great visual point of view to shoot, still can obtain outstanding reflecting light effect. With excellent anti-aging, wear-resistant and washable properties, this material is also selected for some company work orders. Can wash or dry clean, not easy to fall off, after continuing to wash and brush, still can maintain original 75% above reflect light effect.

1) Features: light good performance, for example, reflective material, reflective silver products are usually 500 CPL white and yellow fluorescent reflective plastic for 700 CPL typical plant membrane strength at night or low visibility conditions, reflective intensity to provide the most effective and reliable safety.

2) Angle: reflective material has wide Angle, it is the uniform when the form and incidence Angle reflector become a great reflective lamp still can get a good effect.

3) Diversity: the reflective material meets the various product characteristics and used for reflective clothing, hot laminating, reflective film characters, reflective ribbon, reflective plastic film, reflective ink, reflective thread, reflective stickers international safety of life at sea product graphics, movies, and other products have a user-friendly option.

4) Durability: reflective material with good anti-aging, wear - resistant, anti - washing, can be washed or dry-cleaned, not easy to fall off continuous washing, it can still maintain more than 75% of the original reflection effect.

5) Flexibility and breadth: Reflective material has been widely used in public security, traffic, fire, and used for security and condole belt vest, working clothing, coat, rain gear, reflective raincoat, clothes, bags, gloves, shoes, hats, etc. It can also be labeled character or cut the screen mode. In addition, reflective film series can directly laminated or accidental leather surface.

What is the reflective material suitable for

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