What is most visible during snowing reasons


Come to winter season, normal high visibility safety clothing is not enough to endure cold weather especially for the area minus 30 degrees in Europe and America northern part. If you wear normal high visibility safety clothing like 120gsm solid fabric or 110gsm mesh fabric outside of your winter jackets, it will make you looked unfit. Although, they can make you visible during your work.

For the winter season, for the garment, you have lots of choice among the products Chinastars have, like a high visibility fleece jacket, high visibility bomber jacket, Parka or 4-in one high visibility jacket with 100% polyester wadding inside which can keep you warm in cold weather outside. We have lots of new products to choose for the winter season, please click the link: www.chinastarsreflective.com for your reference.

For 4-in one jacket, you can take off it easily when you get in the room, which is much warmer than outside, inside of the room, you can wear the only vest inside. But for outside, you can put on the sleeve into one jacket, with outside waterproof jackets, even under the snowing, can keep you dry in the bad weather.

In the past 2018, Hangzhou had 3 falls of snow. One in Jan.26. 2018 with heavy snow, everywhere is frozen and iced. No matter the car or the person, you have to be very careful while you go outside.

Each traffic man does with high visibility safety jackets in snowing days, which can keep you easily to be seen far away with yellow or orange fluorescent fabric while all the around in white color. It can keep you safe in the bad season in the daytime. In night time, with reflective tapes on jackets, when the lights on, you can easily see what's happened far away, if any traffic accident, you can stop far away, do not go on. Which can make the traffic in the rule, everyone can save time. Calm and wait.

In order to keep yourself visible in snow days, of course you can choose high visibility safety jackets as well, if you think it is too much more professional (it seems only policeman, traffic man, and cleaner will choose high visibility workwear in daily life), in our normal life, we will prefer much more fashion and warm jackets which looks much more fittable, but you can choose to add some reflective elements on your belongings, like reflective keychain (you can choose lots of different designs, like heart, bears, butterfly or any other animals, we can produce customized reflective keychain as you needed) on your backpack, reflective armband on your arm or ankle if you drive one bicycle. All the reflective accessories can keep you safe in bad weather.

Except for reflective keychain and reflective armband, another good choice is reflective pants sleeves with reflective tape on (our item No. CSR-LS001), you can find the products details in our catalog on our website. With reflective pants sleeves, you do not need to wear reflective pants. You can have your normal jeans. Just put the pants sleeves on. It is easy to take on and get off with hook and loop closure. When you on the way, you can wear it on to be seen far away, when you inside of the room, you can get it off.

At the same time, reflective pants legs are good during trekking too. Especially in the mountain area. With bad situation (snowing and mud),some of friends will buy some "snow cover" in order to keep your pants clean, do not get some mud on. But "snow cover" on the market do not use any fluorescent fabric, all are regular color, like red, yellow, black, navy, it is hard to be seen in far away if your friends want to find you out of the people, it is very hard. Because it seems people all wear similar technical jackets, hard to see who is who. With reflective pants sleeves, which made of fluorescent fabric in yellow or orange color, you can be seen in far away, sometimes it can serve as one symbol of one team. Each member does with one reflective pants sleeves on, you can be easily recognized among all the other people.

All above list products are considered as regular products we have now. If you have any purchase requirement, please feel free to contact us.

What is most visible during snowing reasons

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