Wearing safety vest becomes mandatory for cyclist


France has already issued a law that cyclist should carry a safety clothing while cyclist at night. Cyclist who hasn't worn it will be fined and The fine is €11 (about $A15) rising to €100 (about $A150). As you can see the importance of wearing a his vis vest.

However, at now there are still a group of people who thinks it is unnecessary to wear this kind safety vest. What's more, they think this kind of fluorescent color vest is very ugly and ostentatious, thus it makes them feel very uncomfortable. But they are wrong. Firstly, this kind safety vest is a functional vest, so its design is not fashion because of its limited available raw fabric. Secondly, the reason why we wear it is that it can protect us from dangerous environmental especially when the weather is bad or at night. That's why more and more countries start to issue laws to require cyclist to wear a safety vest.

In China, there are many cyclist associations have already realized the importance of wearing a reflective vest and they have already act even though our government hasn't issued a law to make it compulsory. It is very good! Been seen, been safer.

Wearing safety vest becomes mandatory for cyclist

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