Warm-up and protect the head


The days are getting colder, many outdoor athletes refrain from training in the dark season. In spite of all weather conditions, others cycle to work every day. With the right equipment, there is no need to give up jogging or cycling in autumn and winter either. Here are some tips.

Warm-up properly

If you come from heated rooms for sports outside, the organism must first adjust to the low temperatures. If you start at full intensity right away, you breathe in the cold air too quickly and you risk irritating your throat, bronchi, and lungs in this way. This, in turn, increases the risk of cold. Muscles and joints also need longer in the cold to reach operating temperature. It is best to warm up for five to ten minutes before going to the sport and then get into the usual training.

Do not wear too warm

Many recreational athletes dress in winter weather too warm. Athletes dress best in the wind or minus degrees according to the three-layer principle: functional underwear, a warm insulating layer such as fleece, which does not store moisture, and a protective layer. This can be, for example, a breathable windbreaker that lets moisture escape from the inside out, but keeps out wind, rain, and snow. Cotton clothing, on the other hand, is not suitable because it stores sweat and helps the athlete to cool down faster.

Protect the head and hands

It is also advisable to wear hats, scarfs and light gloves because people lose up to 40 percent of their body heat over the head and neck. If you ride a bike in winter, you have to protect your hands and feet well against the cold, otherwise, you will soon become numb.

For the hands, lined and windproof gloves are a must. Two pairs of socks only help when the shoe is not too tight because the air between the foot and the shoe is insulating. Also, neoprene overshoes and breathable rain pants help against freezing temperatures.

For safety

Light and reflective clothing increase safety for joggers and cyclists. A bright yellow or orange safety vest can also help cyclists feel better in traffic. Cyclists can also increase their safety with reflective material on the shoes. As they move while pedaling, they provide more attention in the dark and poor visibility.

Warm-up and protect the head

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