Walk home safety with a reflective vest after night school study


With the pressure of the entrance examinations, many schools have the night self-study class. Therefore when students come back home, it has already been dark night. How to go home safely has caused great concern to the parents and teachers. A reflective vest becomes necessary.

Lian Shan primary school is located at the edge of State Road 209; students have to go home along the National Road or rural Road after school. Then it is a serious security risk. The school Principal Chen Hongwei, who has got an inspiration from the on-duty traffic police, purchased hundreds of reflective safety vest and reflective tape from the school public funds. Now students come back home with wearing a reflective vest. This kind warning reflective vest let the students be high visibility whether in the distant dark or in the light or scattered light interference situation. So that they can be relatively easy found by the drivers. It helps a lot.

Now many schools has started to follow this successfully act. More and more safety vest has been given to students. When walking or driving, you can always see. I feel very happy to see that people's security awareness has become more and more strong.

Walk home safety with a reflective vest after night school study

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